Friday 21 October 2011

Stupid Cowl!

Yes, stupid cowl!!  (And that's 'cowl', not 'cow', Jenny!  Hehe!  Although a cute little crocheted cow would be cool!)

It's too big now!  The first attempt would have been too small to get over my head - this one is too big!  Also, I'm not sure the stitches/yarn/hook size (something!) is right.  I just don't think it's working as a cowl.  I'm fed up with the whole idea!  I'm going to "frog" it.  (First time I've used that expression - look at me getting all "crochety" - picking up the terms!!)

Ah well, you live and learn.  Although not sure what I've learned?!  Not to make a cowl?!


  1. I have frogged many a cowl in an attempt to get one right. It's a right bugger, isn't it?
    I have made one recently which worked: it is about 17 cms wide and 120 cms long. Wide enough to wrap around twice. I used a massive 10mm hook and a v stitch which made it lighter in structure.

    Don't give up all hope- I like yours very much!

  2. Haha, yes ok... I need my eyes testing!! Sorry your cowl's not gone to plan, and I'm sorry but I have absolutely no advice on the subject I'm afraid, I wouldn't know where to begin! hehe. Maybe start something else instead and then go back to it! Hope you have a fun weekend xxx


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