Sunday 17 September 2023

Cricut Names for Kids' Chairs

Hi!  Well, it's certainly been longer than I planned, as my last post was in January!

Sorry for the delay in posting again - as I keep saying, life with two small children doesn't leave much time for crafting - especially actually finishing anything!

But back in March (it's taken me this long to post about it!) I did use my Cricut Joy to make some sparkly names to go on my children's little chairs...

Cricut Names for Kids Chairs

The chairs were from Ikea - the Sundvik.  I used Cricut Joy Permanent Smart Shimmr Vinyl in Pink...

Cricut Names for Kids Chairs

... and light blue...

Cricut Names for Kids Chairs

The font I used was Bauhaus 93.

They were well received by the children - especially Emily who recognises her name and loves a bit of shimmer/sparkle!  (They're more shimmery in real life than they show here.)

I hope to not leave it so long before my next post!

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