Sunday 25 December 2022

Felt Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree Decoration

I have managed to complete another item, ready for Christmas!  Each year since 2018, I make a felt ornament for the Christmas tree.

This year, I made a gingerbread man...

Felt Gingerbread Man

I found him a bit of a pain to make, but I knew my daughter would love him as she does like a gingerbread man!

Felt Gingerbread Man

I embroider the year on the back.

Here is the collection I now have...

Felt Christmas Tree Decorations

It is actually Christmas morning as I type this, so Merry Christmas!  My son woke up at 2.40am... it took me till nearly 4am to get him back to sleep and I have been awake since then, very annoyingly!  I just couldn't for the life of me get back to sleep.  It's now about 7.30am and I thought I'd get this post done as I wait for everyone to wake up and the festivities to begin!

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