Saturday 18 January 2020

Dinki Dots becomes A Playful Stitch


You may have noticed a few changes around here - including a new name and a redirection to my custom domain - - exciting!

I've had this blog for nearly 9 years, and for quite a few of those years I've wanted to change the name.  I just didn't really like Dinki Dots anymore... although now it's gone I feel a bit sad!

A Playful Stitch is a better name, though.  "Stitch" covers quite a lot - sewing, crochet, knitting - and I feel my work is pretty playful.

I've even got a fancy new logo that a friend of mine created for me when we were chatting about my new name idea.  Thank you, Kimberly!

I'm still tweaking the website, so things might change here and there.  I have limited time to work on it, as Emily only takes 30 minute naps!  If I waited until everything was perfect, though, I'd never get round to launching the new name and branding.  So, I'm just going with it!

I hope you like the new name and look!  If all goes well, I should be bringing you lots of finished creations... hopefully more than I managed last year.

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