Sunday 12 May 2019

Lime Crochet Coasters

Yep, me again.  I can't seem to produce a baby (1 week late today), so I'm producing crafty makes instead!

We've got a games room / office.  It's mainly my husband's domain (especially now I'm on maternity leave so don't need to work from home) and we've tried to be a bit different with the decoration in that room.  We've not actually finished it but we've painted a lime green feature wall that works really well.

We bought a nice desk for the room, but it's needed coasters for a while.  I finally got onto that...

Make these quick and easy crochet coasters

I'm really pleased with this design as it's quite plain, but still has a bit of interest.  I didn't want anything too frilly or "girly" as we want the room to be a bit funky/cool.

The pattern I used is this one.  But instead of using fingering weight yarn, I used King Cole Bamboo Cotton in DK (in 533 green, which I already had) and a 5mm hook.

After making one, I thought they were a bit big, and was tempted to remove a round.  However, I like that it means the outside decorative edge design still shows when it has a mug on it, so I stuck with that size.

Make these quick and easy crochet coasters

It's hard to capture the lime green correctly on camera - the first picture is probably the most accurate and the wall is more limey than it looks here.

It was fun to work on something quick and easy, after making a couple of blankets etc.  It took hardly any time to whip these three up - most enjoyable!

Check out my completed crochet items here.

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