Sunday 5 March 2017

Stash-Busting WIP-Finishing 2017 - Jan/Feb

I mentioned in a previous post that a bit of a goal I have for 2017 is to try to use crafty items from my stash, and to finish projects I've had hanging around a while.  Meanwhile, attempting not to buy more supplies unless they have an imminent purpose.

So... how did I do in January and February?

Not too badly!


There was the stabby granny made with very old stash.  I actually made a couple more, so I need to continue and try to turn them into a useful object!

I made a finger sloth using a pattern I bought last year and materials from my stash, with no extra purchases required.

I also made a zipped pouch using materials from my stash, again with no extra purchases required.


I blogged about my very long-standing WIP - the stripy blanket.  It was two-thirds through when I posted that, but I've made a bit more progress since.  I've done 4 colour stripes, of the 15 I had left to go.  Which equated to 14 rows of 60.  46 rows to go!  This is the most progress I've made on it in a long while, so - although it's not a finished WIP - I'm pleased that I've progressed with it.


Did I buy anything, though?  Yes, I'm afraid I did!  However... it was for a purpose - the baby blanket for a friend's new baby.  I did not have the yarn required in my stash, so had to buy what I needed.  The blanket has been finished (in record time for the Slowy McSlow-Slow I am!) and I will show you more soon.

What I bought:

  • 7 balls of aran yarn (5 colours, 2 white).  (All used for the blanket: PASS)
  • Knitters/tapestry needles (pack of 2) - I needed some larger ones than the ones I had.  (Useful tools, rather than usable craft stash: PASS)
  • Daisy button - I was trying to break into the next postal bracket to get cheaper postage!  (Not required: FAIL - cost 26p)
Here is that naughty button - an unnecessary craft purchase!

I just better make sure I use it, eh?!

And... despite my baby blanket yarn being a "necessary" purchase, with a purpose in mind that has been fulfilled... the leftovers still add to the stash!

I am now left with the above, which I did not have before, adding to my craftroom stock.  So, now I need to try to use this up too - it's a tricky business, this stash-busting!

Check back soon to see the finished baby blanket!

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  1. Easy peasy getting rid of that stash - make baskets! Two colours at the same time and it will be gone in the blink of an eye. And you are left with something useful! And for 26p I think you are forgiven re the daisy button. Actually it will come beautifully to use decorating one of your new baskets! Problem solved! xx

    1. Ha - well, that solves the whole problem in one hit!! An orange/yellow basket will look very cheery and summery, that might have to be my next project! xx

  2. I made the same promise to myself! But Friday I noticed a little variety store going out of business. 40% off, I bought hooks, fabric ($2 a yard!), and yarn - a huge bag of yarn. Its still in the car...hiding! I want to say "shame on me" but I know I will use it and it was such a good deal.

    1. You couldn't exactly miss an opportunity like that now, could you?! And, like you say, you know you'll use it, so it was worth going for the bargain!


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