Saturday 24 September 2016

Amigurumi Crochet Elephant

Well, following on from my last post... I've ended up making another amigurumi animal!  This is a birthday present for my Mum.  She loves elephants and lilac, so I decided to combine the two!

A little lilac crochet elephant!  With some pretty tilda fabric on the ears...

I used this pattern which is a translation into English of a Japanese pattern.  I liked the cute design, and also the minimal sewing on of limbs appealed greatly to me!  The way the legs are crocheted onto the body is a method I've never seen or tried before, but I love the seamless finish it gives.  It also means there is no having to try to line and match them up evenly, which you'd have to do if sewing on.  As it was, sewing the tail and ears onto the elephant gave me enough trouble - I do hate that bit!!

I found it a bit fiddly in places, and I don't deny some cursing and angry words towards the end!  But, as is most often the case, I'm glad I made it (now it's done)!

Now I'm just off for my Mum's birthday celebration... I hope she likes her little elephant!

[Edited to add: My Mum loved it - makes it all worthwhile!!]

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  1. Sweet, I saved that pattern a while ago to make for my sister's baby. Did not make him though, but he is cute. And I too liked the fact that you crochet on the limbs as you go. xx

    1. Thanks Anna! I feel quite satisfied when I actually make any of the things I pin - most things seem to sit on my Pinterest boards, unmade and forgotten! xx

  2. How adorable!!! I can totally see why your Mum would love him so much! xx

    1. Thanks Amy! It's always satisfying when a homemade gift it appreciated! x


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