Thursday 11 December 2014

Crochet Christmas Tree

Hello!  Wow, December is flying by - and my Christmas crafting has rather dried up!  I'm not sure where the time is disappearing to.

However, one thing I have managed to whip up is a cute little Christmas tree...

I used this pattern.  (I changed it slightly in that I didn't do the slip stitches over the stitches to get to the next space, as I felt it made the tree slightly uneven to just have extra slip stitches at that one point at the end of each round.  I worked it in a slightly different order so that I didn't require those slip stitches.)

It's probably nothing anyone would notice anyway, so I wouldn't let that stop you just following the pattern - I was just being obsessive!  The pattern is great, and makes a lovely shaped little tree.

I've just made the one which has gone to my friend Anna, but maybe I should make another for my tree!

I hope you're all enjoying the festive build-up!


  1. Oh I got your only one? I love it. It is so pretty in our tree! Thank you! xx

  2. It is lovely!!! These would make great Christmas tree ornaments! xx


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