Thursday 11 September 2014

Hall, Stairs and Landing Redecoration

Thanks for the lovely comments recently, on my magnets and fudge - I loved reading them!

Well, I have alluded recently to the works going on around here... so it's now time to show some before and after shots - yay!

(Yes, I've been trying to be fancy in PicMonkey!)

We started with this...

Here is a closer shot of the wallpaper:

Actually pretty inoffensive and neutral really - could have been a lot worse.  Not what we would have chosen of course.  Well, the walls got striped, plastered and painted.  We had a new front door put in, new skirting, and new banisters... then we pulled the carpet up...

Those tiles were quite a job to remove!  We were having ply put down and Karndean flooring on top of that.  We couldn't ply on top of the tiles as we had to make the floor level with the kitchen.  So the tiles had to come up.

This is the original wooden flooring with the remainder of the tile adhesive and who knows what else stuck to it!  (I kind of like it in a weird way - but anyway, it's gone!)

Then the new flooring went down, the finishing touch...

Here's a side-by-side before and after view:

You can see how the flooring flows through into the kitchen...

As well as the front door, the internal doors were replaced too.  We also had the stairs and landing re-carpeted, and removed the handrail.  Here is another before and after view:

Upstairs it looks like this...

Ahh, all those fresh new doors!  (Not easy to photograph this small space really.)

Excuse the mess lying around in the before shot - things were in disarray!  We're glad to be rid of the delightful old floral curtains - not to mention the peeling wallpaper in the window!  At the moment we still have the old nets up, as we are yet to sort out a blind.  But, I actually think they're quite pretty.  (I know, what am I saying?!  We're meant to be de-grannifying the house!)

I will show you more pictures when we've got the blinds up and have personalised it all a bit.  At the moment it's just the bare bones, without furniture, pictures, hooks etc.  We hope to inject a bit of colour into the space.

The walls were painted in Dulux Just Walnut:

It's a kind of greyish/beigeish neutral.  It looks different as it gets caught in different lights, which is nice.

There you have it - sorry for the picture-heavy post!  


  1. Wow you have done such a brilliant job with your hall! It looks amazing-the before and after pics really show how much work you put in. You must be delighted with the results!
    Alison xx

  2. Fantastic! I love your before and after post. What a good job you have made of the decorating, it all looks so lovely and neat and clean! I used to hate net curtains so much but I am changing and have brought some for my house! I can't believe it actually! How the tide turns! Have a great weekend, Sam xx

  3. Oh MAN MARIA. My (lack of) patience has been worth it. You two completely aced it. Just, wow. I love the flow from the hallway into the kitchen and how seamless it is! It's just stunning. It really looks like a new build. I would have never guessed your home was a granny's house! Seriously. Woah.

    And I know this is an uber lame thing to be focusing on, but your before and after pictures = NAILED IT. SO MANY PEOPLE CANNOT TAKE BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES AND IT DRIVES ME INSANE. Some people's 'after' pictures will be from a completely different angle in their house and I'm like "wait, did you tare down that wall? ... Nope, you just don't know how to do something as remedial as stand in the same spot for a second time and take another picture. I'm looking at a completely different view". I know, a lame detail to go insane over, but it's a huge thing for me. Well played Miles, well played.

    End rant. xx

  4. You must be pleased! And the floor downstairs - I could not have picked one better myself! And now you only have the fun part left with pictures etc! I will probably invite myself soon to see it in real life! xx


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