Thursday 24 July 2014


Hi!  Thanks for all the great supportive comments on my last post - I enjoyed them all and had a few laughs at some of them!  Work on the Sorbetto top continues - the day job is getting in the way.  Hopefully I'll have something to show you before long.  I've not given up yet!

I took pictures of our wildflower border a couple of weeks ago, and have been meaning to show you.

Earlier in the year the Lumberjack cleared the turf and planted some wildflower seeds.  For ages it was just a dusty old patch of earth... I found it hard to imagine it changing.  But it did!

These pictures really don't do it justice - I think the sun was too bright (not that I'm complaining), and washed out the colour a bit.  Hopefully you get the idea.  Just imagine these pictures even more vibrant and colourful!

Every day we go for a stroll to the bottom of the garden to check out what's appeared!  Over the last month or so it's been amazing seeing the different flowers popping up.

I absolutely love it!  It's just so wild and natural and pretty.

And here's a rose growing elsewhere in the garden...

Couldn't resist getting a shot of that.

Remember the Blog Hop?  Alex's post is ready to read over at Hydrangea Girl - so go check it out!

Hopefully back soon with a Sorbetto to show you... fingers crossed!


  1. The flowers look beautiful indeed!! I hope that they keep coming back in future years for you. xx

  2. Wow, your wild flowers look gorgeous! I'm slightly jealous as I planted some wild flowers and not much has happened at all :o( still I can enjoy your lovely wild patch instead - thanks for sharing, Sam xxx

  3. Oh my gosh! What stunning flowers! I love love LOVE your wild flower border! And that rose is stunning! X

  4. Oh *swoon*!!! Those wildflowers are simply garden perfection in my eyes! Just nature at her very best - I've been thinking about throwing a handful of seeds in a little-used area of my garden, and seeing this confirms that indeed I should! Thank you for sharing! Chrissie xxx

  5. Love your wildflower patch. Its amazing how something so random can look so fabulous, x

  6. Serious garden envy happening all up in here! There's just something about wildflower patches that make me daydream about all sorts of things. They take me back to when I was a teenager and I used to walk barefoot everywhere, because I was somewhere stuck between a punk and a hippie. Ugh, yours is really incredible.

    xx A

  7. I love your wildflower border! If I had a garden I would have one too! It's true that bright sunshine does eat up the intensity of flower colours. It's often a useful tip to photograph them when they're in the shade when all the details are more apparent. I learnt this through trial and error!

    I see you're very handy with your crochet hook too and your choice of colours is so pretty. I love your phone case!
    Thanks for popping into my place! Sandra

  8. Wow! This is exactly what I would love to create, thank you for the link. Absolutely beautiful. x


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