Wednesday 22 January 2014


I have dipped into yet another project (should finish some of the ongoing items first really!)...

This has been inspired by something my friend Anna has made - but more on that another time!

Check out this amazing Amaryllis...

It lives on the TV unit, next to (you've guessed it...) the TV!  (Hence the shadow to the left.)

It was from Ikea a couple of weeks ago.  It shot up so quickly and now each stem has four flower heads - incredible!  (According to the card thingy in the pot they're supposed to be red flowers, but we're not complaining!)


I received more sources of inspiration and instruction at Christmas.  From my friend Anna this lovely book:

Sew Scandinavian - she's Swedish so obviously it had to be done!  She also made me that lovely heart beside it, with lavender in the centre - thanks again Anna!  Here is a glimpse at some of the gorgeous projects in the book...

Lots of prettiness!

My Mum and Dad gave me this book from my Christmas list...

There are some good ideas in this.  Some of it isn't really my style/taste, but some of it is and there is a lot of inspiration...

I love this idea of the balloon being in a different hoop!

This is very cute!  (I seem to be drawn to the toadstools in both books... I see toadstools in my future!)

Apologies for the dingy photos - decent light is a rarity this time of year.

Thanks for the great comments on my last post, much appreciated as always!  Puts a smile on my face!


  1. Those books are beautiful! Love your new crochet as well. Hope that you are having a good week. xx

  2. Whatever that first thing is that you're working on, I need the pattern. And if you're winging it, I need you to post the pattern. That is beautiful.

    That amaryllis is beautiful! And very in keeping with your home - well played. Those wooden ducks with the booties on - they're so cute! Hahaha.

  3. Love the look of your new crochet project, is it a mandala?? looks great anyway. Your books look great too - happy reading xx

  4. Lots of pretty books. There is nothing like a nice craft book!

  5. What a pretty post lots of spring colours and gorgeousness.

  6. A lovely cheerful post. I love both of the books and the toadstool hoop picture has got me thinking of a new project.
    Melanie x

  7. The colours of the crochet are wonderful! How is it that shades of brown and taupe can make any combo look beautiful? I can't wait to see more...and those books, how fun! Chrissie x

  8. How funny - I got a stripy amaryllis (of course) and ended up with a red. Strange. First project looks promising. Fun isn't it?! xx

  9. What lovely things! My amaryllis is still just a bud, but it is growing. And I think it's supposed to be red, too!
    Have a happy weekend,
    Sarah x

  10. I'm pretty sure there's some kind of rule that says if you ever finish ALL your projects, you're out! ;0) Love the colours in the circle. I have both those books! I've never made anything from Sew Scandinavian, but I have from Hooplah! I like it as although all the hoops aren't to my taste, the book sets of ideas and inspiration for other kinds of hoops.

  11. Just love all your pretty books, wish I had the time to make everything in them! You always have the most amazing images which is why I look forward to you posts, sending you big hugs


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