Friday 15 July 2011

Thanks to The Krafty Cupcake!

I would like to thank the lovely Sue from The Krafty Cupcake for two things!!!

First, the award she has given me:

How exciting!!  It is so lovely to receive these awards, and so amazing that anyone would enjoy reading the things I write!

So... 7 things about me.  Here goes:

1.  I am quite short - 5 foot 2 inches tall.  All the best things come in small package, eh?!  :o)

2.  I can't sing in tune.  My singing is terrible.  When I was 7, I wasn't even allowed in the class choir with the rest of the class.  I had to go and sit in another room with a couple of the "strange" kids while everyone else did choir practise!!  I was devastated!  I kept going back to the teacher, saying that I think I could sing now.  She would plonk away on her piano, making a few notes for me to sing.  I would have no idea how to replicate them so would just make some odd noises that I hoped might sound like the notes... and no choir for me!  I am over it now, and have accepted my lack of singing ability!  (How harsh, though - who would care if one little girl in a choir of 7 year olds was singing out of tune?!)

3.  My favourite colour is aqua (I think!  A bit of pink thrown in wouldn't go amiss either!)

4.  I have just finished reading all the Harry Potters from beginning to end!  I'd read them all before years ago, but decided to read them all again in a row - excellent!  I'm off to see the last one at the cinema soon too, but I'm not that fussed about the films.  I don't think they are a patch on the books!

5.  Here is picture of me, as I am really running out of things to say - my brain is not working today!

6.  To read more "exciting" bits of information about me, you can see this post from when I won the Kreativ Blogger award.  (Sorry, that was a bit of a cop out!)

7.  Yesterday I won The Krafty Cupcake's giveaway!!!

So, that last fact about me brings me nicely on to the second thing I want to thank Sue for!!  Yesterday I found out that I won her amazing giveaway, and I received the package at work today!!  So quick!  Much excitement was had in opening all those wonderful goodies!!  I can't believe I won!!

This is the picture from her giveaway post:

All of the above are now mine!!  I am so lucky!

My battery has run out on my camera, and I'm currently charging it now.  So, my next post will be a proper tribute to all the wonderful treats I received from Sue, with lots of photos for you!!  Be prepared to be jealous, though, because Sue has been incredibly generous - I can't quite get over what I've won!  I keep looking through them all again and again!  THANK YOU Sue!!

Oh, I need to nominate 7 blogs to pass on The Versatile Blogger award to.  Here goes...

  1. Annaboos House
  2. Cherry Heart
  3. The Fluff Pot (Becky, I know you just got this award, but I'm giving it to you again anyway! You don't have to give facts and nominate again, as you've just done it!)
  4. Kandipandi's Pad
  5. 4 Lil' Girls
  6. Sew, Ray, Me
  7. Unravelled

If any of you have already had this award, or don't like receiving awards, then please feel free to ignore this!!!!  I won't be offended!  :o)


  1. Thanks, hon! So lovely to receive an award.
    And great to see a pretty photo of you- funny, as I imagined you as having dark, curly hair. (not sure why).
    Enjoy your weekend. Xx

  2. Thanks for the award, second one this week, i'm blown away, your pic is gorgeous :)
    Karen x

  3. Lovely goodies, well done!! thanks for the award I do like reading more about each other, I'm another non singer!
    Kandi xx

  4. Wow - thank you so much - that's so exciting! Eeeek - seven interesting things about me...
    I think that's awful of your music teacher - that would have scarred me for life (and actually probably would have happened - I'm a dreadful singer!)
    Thanks again, I'm so pleased (and also slightly green about your winnings!)
    Have a lovely weekend
    Emily x

  5. Thanks for your award nomination!

    Congratulations on your win, I never win anything :(

  6. Thank you so much for the award, I'm so chuffed!

    Loved having a nose round your blog too, what pretty things you make! Are those buttons in the header yours? They're fab.

    Sandra x


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